Flavor that everyone loves, healthier benefits that everyone needs, at a cost that everyone can afford. At Citraleaf, that is what we strive for everyday.

We've worked long and hard making sure we are able to get you the best product, at the most cost effective price point. We even offer beverage dispenser programs that are unparalleled in this industry. Contact us to find out more about our beverage dispenser programs and pricing. 

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At Citraleaf, producing a healthier alternative is our NUMBER ONE GOAL! We never sacrifice quality in any one of our beverages. As a matter of fact, our 100% Juice Line is FDA Certified as 100% Juice, and is also Kosher Apprived!

Our team has worked countless hours tweaking each and every recipe to make sure that all of our flavors are the best tasting beverages possible!


We want to bring your organization a way to satisfy all your beverage needs. The continued rising costs in commodities have caused many companies to use products that do not contribute to our healthy needs. This has caused many to fall behind on new product demand. Our Company gives you a fast, convenient, healthier, more affordable way to achieve success in a cutting edge product.